AK-70011 for Unicel C-8405, and Filbur FC-1973

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This 180 sq. ft., 8 7/8" OD Pool or Spa Filter has a 4" Open Hole Top, a 4" Open Hole Bottom, and is 39" long. It is crafted of the highest quality materials; and engineered to be superior. With USA MADE REEMAY, the highest quality fabric that removes unwanted bacteria and contaminants, keeping your water crystal clean.

180 SQ. FT. Pentair Pool Products, Pentair Pool Products-Purex Repl
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Best For 75 sq. ft. 8000 Series Cartridge for Astal 2507 CE Terra, Speck Pumps AC 2507 Filter, Replacement of Unicel C-8474, Pleatco PAST75
Product Type Replacement Filter Cartridge
Product Size Single Unit
MPN AK-70011
Filbur Part # FC-1973
Unicel Part # C-8405
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OEM # 178571, R173582, 28001
Outer Diameter 7 - 9
Length 39 - 41
Top End Cap Open Hole: 4"
Bottom End Cap Open Hole: 4"
Media Area (sq.ft.) 180
Supported Brands Pentair Pool Products, Pentair Pool Products - Purex Replacements
Pleated Filter Cartridges Our Universal Pleated Filter Cartridges are washable, reusable, and durable. As a result, our filters last longer than other brands, and are more economical too. Our filters work hard for you by holding more dirt than other brands; and increased dirt holding capacity means cleaning your pool or spa less often. Our universal pleated filter cartridges are constructed of the highest quality non-woven polyester, with a durable polypropylene core to provide maximum strength. The ends are immersed in thermo setting vinyl plastisol that seals the end of each pleat uniting the components and forming a permanent bonded end cap, unlike cheap alternatives. This makes our universal pleated filter cartridges perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial pool and spa applications.Relish our comprehensive pool and spa collection that includes world-class filters and state-of-the-art pool, spa, and pond accessories at exclusive discount club prices. Please let us know if we don't have what you need, we CAN find it.
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